Thursday, February 4, 2010

Session Giveaway!

Ever since my mom passed it has opened my eyes to a whole world of people hurting all around me. I do not know if I was just completely selfish and ignorant about others suffering before but I am definitely much more aware and sensitive to it now. I can not believe some of the things that you and those you love are having to go through. It inspires me not to feel sorry for myself but instead be grateful for all that I do have.

Since this is the month of LOVE I decided that it would be appropriate to ask you to nominate someone who you feel is going through a difficult time in their life. Whether it be loss of a loved one, financial trouble, health, or maybe someone with just way too much on their plate. Send me an email to me and tell me their story and why you think they deserve to win. Feel free to nominate as many people as you want.

I will pick my top 5 nominations (which will be the stories that although make my heart ache, also inspire me) and post them up on my blog and then turn over the voting to all of you. The person with the most votes will win a session and a 16x20 mounted pictures plus 50% off of all other prints.

I really hope this will be a success so I can make this an annual giveaway in my mom's honor. She was the most loving and selfless person I knew. Please don't hesitate to nominate someone. This could be a great way for you to show someone you care and are aware of their trials.

All nominations must be in by Valentines Day, Sunday Feb. 14th. The top 5 will be posted on my blog on Tuesday Feb 16th and voting will be open for 1 week. Winners will be announced on February 24th.
*Please make sure the person you are nominating is aware and OK with their nomination.
*The session must take place by April 2010.

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Laura said...

Shannon - that is great! What a neat idea. Loving your pictures.