Friday, February 12, 2010


Fridays can be a little crazy at my house...who am I kidding, Friday's are very crazy. I take care of my sisters 3 kids + my 2 boys + a very hyper puppy. Most days I am just glad to survive, even if my house never does. But there is a highlight to my Friday's and his name is Jax. How can he not bring a smile to my face?




P.S. A reminder to nominate someone for the giveaway! I need a few more entries so I've decided to extend everything for one week. Which means you have until Feb. 21st to submit an entry. Come on people!


Jessica Reeves said...

He is so cute!! I love these pictures! It sounds like you have your hands very full on Fridays!

Doug & Darci said...

Now my question is how on earth do you have time to snap pictures on a day like that!! He is a beautiful boy!!

Doug & Darci said...

Oh yes and this is an awesome picture too!!