Friday, September 9, 2011


To my beautiful baby sister Maddy and her now husband Braiden! I love you guys!

DSC_2804 copy

DSC_2326 copy

DSC_2413 copy

DSC_2493 copy

DSC_2536 copy

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DSC_2701 copy

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DSC_2874 copy


Waltman said...

Maddie is beautiful! I heard the wedding was amazing. And Shannon I love those pictures.

Anonymous said...

Shannon! These pictures are beautiful, as is Maddy! Great job. Loved the wedding and reception! Nancy

Kristy said...


Jessica Reeves said...

Beautfiul!! Your sister is gorgeous!

Ryan, Natalie, and Mae said...

These pictures out of control! And Maddy is just really really really pretty. Wow

a.little said...

Shan, I'm the blog stalker from Manila, Philippines so you don't have to worry that it's some creep-o. Your work is so good, Shan. I kept checking your personal blog for updates, but now I know where the updates are going. Your sister is lovely. Way to capture them together. And you're a mommy of 4 boys now! Wow. I thought it was 3 - don't know how I missed the 4th. How awesome. Hope you guys are doing well - please tell Cam hi from me. - Annalee