Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Time Out...

I love being a Mom and being able to be home with my kids. But sometimes you just need a little creative time out and this was mine. It's always a good sign when things turn out better than I actaully played out in my head.


mae 5



mae 4

DSC_0794 copy

mae 3


Thanks to the friends who supplied all the props and thank you to my Model who was so adorable and perfect, for some reason she reminds me of the precious moments dolls.


Bullard Family said...

These are so great!!! Love them.

Allison said...

Oh no! Not precious moments dolls, Mae is way cuter than that! These are beautiful!!

Ryan, Natalie, and Mae said...

You know I love them...once again proof at your outstanding abilities that you got 20 million awesome pictures out of my non-compliant toddler.

Jamie Lynn said...

Shan, these are amazing!

Brooke Woodall said...

LOVE them! Seriously, these are awesome. I'm glad you got some time for yourself... you deserve it!

Danny & Lindsay said...

wow, Mae is such a cutie!

Taylor Family said...

I love these!!!! So cute.