Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Sister...

We decided to have some fun before she leaves on her mission in a few weeks. I styled her and she got her makeup and hair done. Part 2 is coming soon!

DSC_2639sm copy

DSC_2388sm copy

DSC_2046bwsm copy

DSC_3565sm copy copy

DSC_3586sm copy


Jessica Reeves said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!! I love these pics!

Doug & Darci said...

Wow, what gorgeous pictures and you and your sisters are ridiculously beautiful. Tell Anna she better hurry and get ugly and fat before she leaves,

Jamie Lynn said...

What a hottie. Good job styling I love her outfits! Especially the cardigan with the striped shirt underneath.. When I move back to Utah someday can I be your permanent shoot stylist? :)