Monday, August 24, 2009

On a much lighter note...

Well if it isn't apparent enough that I am still in a cloud I do need to clear up a couple of things....first the 24th is not a is a Thursday. So sorry that I am having difficulty thinking straight. Mini sessions will be held on FRIDAY the 25th of September. Also because I have a huge monitor screen I didn't realize that the announcement of the mini sessions was cut off for everyone else. It looks great to me but I guess that doesn't do you a whole lot of good. So just click on it to make it bigger...or maybe I'll just redo it. Thanks everyone, sorry for the lack of brain power.

Well it has been a very difficult week to say the least. But I am surrounded by the most wonderful people who have strengthened me and lifted me up. My family and I are determined during this time to move forward with faith, knowing that we will again see our mother's face and knowing until then she will be with us.

With that being said. I wanted to let you know that YES the giveaway is still in effect. So don't feel too shy to sign up. Because of this past week and because things are still a little hectic around here I am extending the giveaway until Wednesday August 26th and I will announce the winner on Thursday August 27th!

I would also like to announce...

Christmas Mini Session small
If you have a family larger than 6 please call for additional times and pricing info.

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