Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Love this little girl!

We had some visitors up at the cabin this week. (YAY FOR VISITORS....MORE PLEASE!) We decided to have a mini photo shoot with my niece, she just turned 4.

I am uaually a color kind of gal but I'm really loving the black and white's of these shots...plus flickr desaturated my photos again, so black and white it is.

DSC_0240bw copy

DSC_0051bw copy

DSC_0082bw copy

DSC_0107bw copy

DSC_0182bw copy

P.S. For anyone in Idaho (Ashton to Idaho Falls)interested in pictures, I'll be here for quite a bit of the summer so send me an email and we'll work something out :)

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iMzOOL said...

shannon! look how talented you are. wow. this is michelle rigby. you are doing what i want to do -- waiting for my husband to become a doctor so that i can quit my full time job and start working more on my photography. what camera(s) do you own?