Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I wish boys were this nice when I was in high school

I was really worried about doing a senior session with a boy because I know how much guys hate sitting in front of the camera...especially for hours. So I was pleasantly surprised when this guy was so willing to do whatever I asked. Such a sweetheart and out of my sisters lips...."he's hot!"

P.S. Flickr is being really retarded with my colors tonight....I wondered whether I should post these or not because the colors are so faded, but I wanted his fam to be able to preview a few, so just know that they really are much more vibrant. I'll try to fix it in the morning.




Dang....his eyes look so green in this picture, too bad it doesn't show here. It really makes it great!


DSC_0001bwsm (2)


Melissa Sue said...

Shannon - great job on the shoot! I recognize that location and I love how you used it!
PS-I used to use Flickr but had so many problems with it that I switched over to Photobucket. I like it much better!

adamandkindi said...

He is one handsome boy!!!

Becky said...

Your work is so much fun! I grew up in Cameron's ward and I'm friends with Rachelle on facebook. I love the photos you took of her!

april bodenburg said...

Loving your recent senior sessions! And they all have great clothing choices! :)

I also suffer from Flickr-desaturation-issues. Let me know if you find any tips!