Friday, January 30, 2009

De Ja Vu

I was so excited to get to photog this family for several of reasons #1 They have two boys 13 months apart (just like my boys), I felt myself living that part of my life over again and guess what....I even missed it a little. #2 It was a different type of shoot I usually do, but it was so much fun and I enjoyed every second!







Jessica Kettle said...

Hey Shannon, I am going to WPPI! I can't wait. If you're looking to take your photography and especially your business to the next level, it would be a great move! Your pictures have improved so much since you started- they really look good! I love #3 in this post. Beautiful lighting! Let me know if you decide to come, we can hook up!

Nat said...


This is Natalie McGuire Erickson. I just had to tell you that your photos are beautiful! You are so talented! I need some family pictures done so I'll have to see if you are available sometime.

Rachel and Cole said...

I think these are your best so far. Cute concept. I love them!

Jamie said...

I love them! They look beautiful.

Mary Ann said...

Gotta love Shera- she's a babe! Good work Shanz, they look awesome. LOVE the new header!

Jess said...

I just found your blog from a comment left on someone else's and love this post. I especially love #2. I think the lighting looks so great and I love your post processing. Great job!